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Finding balance during the holidays with Gigi Melrose, Shavon Bullock and Martine Cadet

The holiday season can be overwhelming for businesses of all sizes. Join Gigi Melrose for a Q&A with small business owners Shavon Bullock and Martine Cadet to learn how you can find balance and prioritize your time in a busy season.

Posted by Facebook for Business on Wednesday, December 9, 2020

I’m Martine. I am a Social Media Content Coach and Creator Dedicated To: Helping Burned-out Online Coaches with my Signature Social Media Gets you Clients Relationship Marketing System.

You're Here Because you are not sure How to use Social Media so that you can Attract your Coaching Clients and Make more Money!

You’re Using Social Media Platforms To Market Online So That You Can Build Your Personal Brand, However You Are Struggling Because You Are Not Confident Enough To Engage In Conversations With Complete Strangers To Introduce Your Offer And Increase Your Reach.

You're Here Because you Want to Reach Organically as Many People as Possible on Social Media so that you Convert them into Coaching Paying Clients and not Leave Money on the Table.

You Enjoy The Personal Interactions That You Have With Your Audience When You Share Your Authentic Self On Social Media, However, You Are Finding That At Times It Can Be Challenging To Figure Out How To Share Your Story With Relatable Content On These Social Media Platforms And Deliver Your Message Authentically.

You're Here Because you Believe that by Showing up as your Own-self it will Create a Deeper Connection with your Target Audience and make it Easier for you to Sell.

You’re Running Your Social Media Content On Your Own Because You Think It Is Something That You Cannot Delegate To A VA Or A Social Media Manager, However You Are Drowning In Content Creation Struggle And Sometimes You Have No Idea What To Post.

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