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Taking you inside the journey of entrepreneurship. This Network is a community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs that are showing up with their God given skills to support you, unleash your creative genius and create the business of your dream.


With so many goals and dreams, it is very easy to get side tracked and not take action. This series will guide you so that you create the right activities to move you forward.

Amanda uses her knowledge of yoga and mindful practices to guide her stories and get kids up and moving while or to connect to themselves on a deeper level. WEBSITE

Understand the value of Taking Intuitive Clear & Concise Actions Consistently with Certainty  VS Taking action just to be busy. WEBSITE


2020, such a challenging year for many of us yet we have learned so much and created so much that it's become a year that we will never forget.


Your current situation is not your final destination. This season, I am bringing on powerhouse women that will share their stories of resilience and passion to design the life they desire deep inside despite facing life challenges.

Life happens to all of us. It is all about asking ourselves: "What are we going to do about it?". I had to believe this after I realized I had no choice but to move forward.

Cynthia didn't know that the sudden changes in her life were going to open doors of opportunity. She took the first step and now serving so many as a result.

How do you put yourself in a place of creation? Not in a toxic work environment, that's for sure. This is the decision Beckett had to make so that she can start creating her vision.

Can your trauma be your purpose in life? Kasey understands the impact of your wounds and identify them as your Strengths and your Power.

The issues are in the tissues! Guerda identified through her journey that all that we all want is coming from our own body's energy frequency!

When she got fired from her job, Tiffany knew there was no turning back. It was time to create so that she could be there for every moment of her daughter's life.

When life gets hard, Erin reminds us that it is the time to get stronger and heal from within."



Veena made it a point for her to always take action and continue to learn. This is how she is able to achieve the best version of herself.

You are not living in a box! Coré shares with us how to integrate your passion and your dream.



"You have two weeks to live…” hearing this would make anyone stop in their tracks but for Onyinye it was one of the most defining moments in her life.

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