No More Cable!!!!

Chrome Let's keep it real, with 2 kids, a full time job and my own business I NEVER have time to watch TV.  In fact, even when I had cable, I could never find anything interesting to watch.  DVR was not my thing either.  So with my cable, I had all these channels showing the same things over and over all the time and the TV was collecting dust pretty much.  Not to mention, all these sports networks were driving me nuts.  My husband and I would find ourselves on our laptops either on YouTube or streaming on Netflix to watch something. So it was a very easy transition for us to get out of the cable life.

Buying Chome was the best $30 investment we ever did.  I bought my Chrome at Walmart. No more $100+ cable bills a month for things that we did not watch.  We subscribed to HuluPlus and upgraded our Internet in the house.  Scandal? Empire? Never missed one episode. Yes I do not see the new episode the day off but I see it the next day with minimal commercial too! That works just fine for me!

News? Let's be honest, Facebook, Tweeter and Instagram keeps you on your toes. I never miss a beat with what is happening. I love it and my pocket sure does too!

Can you live without cable? Do you use another similar product under a different brand? Drop a note! Always good to hear about other options and real life experiences.

Thanks for stopping by. Love always, Martine

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