But First... Mokafe!

But First... Mokafe!


I am a huge coffee lover. It's starts my day, everyday. I thought I had my favorite coffee brand in my house until I had Mokafe.


This coffee is made in my home country in the mountains of Beaumont in Haiti.


For those who do not know, Haiti was at the forefront of coffee production, before the title was taken by Brazilian coffee producers. Haitain coffee, revered around the globe as some of the best coffee in the world, is currently not represented by any of the consumer brands that coffee drinkers would find at their local market or coffee shop—until now.


All coffee sold by Kafe Pa Nou is classified as Direct Trade, meaning that the roaster works directly with the farmer to increase the overall quality and value of the coffee. This model guarantees the social sustainability of the farmer, economic growth of the farm, and encourages environmental sustainability, and community development.


 I have tossed my old coffee and have now adopted Mokafe!


I drink it hot or cold.

Here's how I make my Mokafe Ice Latte! I brew my Mokafe. I let it cool down for a few minutes, before I place it in an ice cube tray.


With a few drops of cold milk! Perfection!


Mokafe is obviously widely available in Haiti. But you can shop online at www.kafepanou.com or find a location near you. 

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