V-Lure Designs - A Must-Have Accessory

V-Lure Designs - A Must-Have Accessory


I am always on the haunt for emerging talented Designers. As a Handmade Designer myself and Fashion Lover, V-Lure Designs is definitely my new go to brand for authentic, stylish and edgy purses.


Stephanie Voltaire is the Owner and Designer of V-Lure Designs. This brand was born in the Spring of 2014.


Shanny Clutch in Brown is the perfect accessory for this season. The hand painted splattered design makes this clutch super easy to style. The faux alligator skin leather  works so well for this seasons looks


You can wear it folded or unfolded, and the 100% cotton lining inside pocket finishes this stunning piece of art perfectly.

Photo credits: V-Lure Designs
Photo credits: V-Lure Designs

This bag is chic and can spruce up any classic look.


I am wearing it with a Vintage lace accent dress.


It can also work for an edgy, urban, street style look!


For a night out on the town, with a pair of jeans, a simple tee and a sweater... I call this look: Priceless


Make it your accessory for your relax look.


Ladies, let me tell you, this clutch is not like any other typical clutch you will find out there. Not only is it stylish but boy it can hold lots of stuff too! Your makeup bag plus your flats can all go in there and you will still have room left!


I know exactly what you are thinking because I felt the same way when I received my V-Lure Designs delivery home: THIS BRAND IS AMAZING!!!!!

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