Butterfly Naturals Online Store

Butterfly Naturals Online Store


I use the Butterfly Naturals System of Care products to maintain my Crotchet Braids. After 4 weeks, my hair still looks amazing.


Step 1 - Every 2 weeks, I wash my hair, scalp and extension hair with: Clean Me, Not Strip Me! Moisturizing ACV Rinse


Step 2 - Then I spray my own hair at the roots and at the braids with:  Love Me Everyday! Moisturizing Spray


I use this spray as a daily mist to provide continuous moisture and strength to my hair and to refresh the extension hair

Step 3 - Then I apply a dime size amount of: Butter Me Up! Moisture Sealing Butter to my roots and scalp to seal in the moisture.


I use this everyday as well to seal in the moisture after applying Love Me Everyday Spray.

Step 4 - Finally, after moisturizing and sealing, I use: All That I Can Be! A styling custard to slick down my edges and create hold for my various styles with the crochet braids.


This is perfect for coil/curl defining, twists/twist-outs, rod sets, finger coils and more styling.

Butterfly Naturals changed my life.  I love the products and the services. Learn. Style. Love. your Kinky Curly Hair with Butterfly Naturals System of Care Hair Products. Natural handmade products to promote Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair and Healthy Styling. As you can see, this is an easy to follow regimen of products that will help you to easily cleanse, moisturize and style your hair in just 4 easy steps!

The Butterfly Naturals products are very fresh, light, non greasy and cause no build up.  I can feel that the product is penetrating deep into the hair and not staying on my hands. Visit the online shop and experience Butterfly Naturals.

You can host your very own Butterfly Naturals Hair Party with Butterfly Naturals Founder/Owner, and Licensed Natural Hair Stylist specializing in Holistic Natural Hair Care Vasia Archer

All you do is invite the guests and offer refreshments and Butterfly Naturals brings the fun! Enjoy an afternoon or evening of awesome Hair care Tips, Hair and Make-Up Demos, Product Tutorials, Raffles and so much more!! Book your party today! Contact by email butterflynaturals2012@gmail.com or phone: (347) 403-1862

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