Work Hard...Play Harder...

Work Hard...Play Harder...

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What a journey this has been..... Outside of blogging and working on my Handmade Jewelry Kaderique, my Corporate career includes traveling a couple of times a year.  Since I have the platform now to share everything that I love, I figured why not share with you this recent trip with the hopes that I inspire you in some ways to take in any opportunity you may have to pack up, jump on a plane and explore this wonderful world we live in.

My days included pretty much working over 8 hours of the day... jumping from planes to planes ... living in hotels and eating..eating and eating more to keep that energy going. Not your typical vacation right? Well, the truth is, this is not set up to be a 2 weeks vacation. However, everytime I do travel for work, I try my best to take any chance I have to embrace the country where I am.

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So, in between constant meetings and catching up on emails, I do get a chance to enjoy every city I go to and experience their culture.


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One word: Freezing!!!! But one of many places in Europe that I personally love.

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A quick warm breakfast at a local cafe....

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....before the start of a busy day, sets the mood.

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After a long day of walking and talking, a great dinner is much needed.

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From Germany, headed to Thailand.

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One word: Warm!!!!

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Warm Weather....

....Warm Welcome...Warm mornings!

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and nights!

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Thailand nights.jpg
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At the airport, I always take this pic by this work of art. Silly me!

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The last portion of my journey was in India. 

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the Leela Hotel.jpg

The food, the people, the vibrant colors, the glittery decor...there's just nothing not to like about this country!

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These are rose petals! I was skeptical trying them out at first but now I am addicted and looking for a place to buy them.

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Had my first Henna done!

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I love traveling the world since I was a little girl. Now as an adult, I enjoy it even more although super tiring, meeting new people and learning about other cultures always gives me the opportunity to reflect back on my own life.  Found this quote in my hotel room one night and it says "You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself" - Buddha

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I believe in this 100%. Create your own path so you can understand where you are heading and why you are traveling that way.  If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

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I don't know if I inspired you to go ahead and Pack up! Jump on a Plane! and go Experience this Wonderful World.  If I did? Great! If I did not, hopefully you will change your mind and reach your destination one day.  

I have...

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Zoya Nails: NOOT

Zoya Nails: NOOT

Dia Designs: Transforming Afrocentrism, Black Femininity, and Power into Wearable Art

Dia Designs: Transforming Afrocentrism, Black Femininity, and Power into Wearable Art