Episode 62: Keep it Real with Your Business Coach

Episode 62: Keep it Real with Your Business Coach

I had shared with you that I had explored hiring my first coach and in that episode I shared with you the reasons why I went ahead and took the leap and got myself a coach. Although I was researching like a crazy head finding the right coach for me. I had finally landed on this one person and here today I want to share with you that it is important, extremely important that you as you hire a coach or look to hire a coach, that you make sure that you remain grounded and that you remain authentic to yourself.

My coach experience was great. I do not want to say that it was bad because it wasn't. My coach is an extremely professional person. It's a man. He is very strong at what he does. He is extremely knowledgeable and we were able to accomplish a lot of things together. He spent a lot of time with me to help me overcome primarily my mindset that I had that was all screwed up to begin with. And also, you know, he helped me with my everyday lifestyle that was also screwed up and that I knew that I needed to address but just didn't know how to do it on my own. So we did a lot of work together when it came to that. However, there came a point in the journey where we kinda disconnected.

I'm really grateful that this happened because it's given me the opportunity to really understand who I was and what I was being built to become. So at the end of the day, my takeaway from having a coach in my business journey is that you must ensure that first of all, you click with the person, which I did. And the most important thing is that your coach should be able to respect and support your ultimate decisions. They are there to guide you.

They are there to really, you know, extract your superpower and they're not there to do the work for you. Right? So that's, that's another mindset that I feel that a lot of people have unfortunately cause I knew I had that at one point where I thought that hiring a coach would be the answer to all my prayers when it comes to my business and that they would give me exactly what I needed to do for my business. It's true, but it's not true at the end of the day the coach is here to guide you, to support you and to really ignite things that you have inside of you that you didn't know that you had but you know, the whole coaching process, it also requires, it really requires you to show up. It requires you to invest in you, and the coach is there to ensure that you do these things and to guide you and give you resources to help you jumpstart what's inside of you to get you, you know, amazingly great at what you're looking to do.

So hopefully you get what I'm saying. Right. All right. So going back to the title of this episode, meaning, what did I call it? hiring a coach, make sure that a coach brings out your superpower. By that I mean, you know, for me, we ended up crashing when we started working on the business side of things and I realized from the guidance that I was getting from him, which was really good guidance and works for a lot of people and especially a lot of his clients was not aligning with me and it's a great methodology what he's teaching. However, it would work for me at a later stage. I feel of my business journey. I came in a little bit too early with him. You follow what I'm saying? So it is definitely someone that I look into reconnecting with at some point in my journey in my business, but where I was and where I am in my business stages where we were exploring entertaining business strategies, were just too big.

For me, it was just not what I ultimately needed. I needed a stepping stone prior to that to get me to where he was at. You follow? So we were not able to lower the volume a little bit, I guess is the way I would put it in other for me to level back with him and achieve what I was looking for. So take away here is you have to be honest with your coach because that's what happened with me. I was 100% transparent with him about everything. You know, the roadblocks that I was going through during the coaching session and other roadblocks that I was going through, you know, in other for me to continue the coaching sessions with him. And a great coach respects that. And he did. And you know, even after we seized our, you know, we paused our relationship,

He still continued to offer me resources because he knew where I was leading myself towards because I had shared with him why I was wanting to pause the journey with him. You follow so great coaches care about you, great coaches know what your superpower is and great coaches are not going to let you go just like that because their mission is to see you succeed and it's amazing. It's an amazing experience to have a coach. And I really wanted to do it for myself, one, but also because I coach you, I coach people like you and I cannot be a great coach if I've never been coached. So I felt the need to go through this experience and I'm pretty sure I will have many other coaches in my business journey and I welcome them in my life because it's such a vital decision for the survival of your business, having a coach.

So hopefully this gave you a little bit of insight, inspiration and some pointers as you also explore hiring someone to coach you for your business, to coach you for your life, to coach you, you know, for anything that you're looking for. And I'd say don't rush into it. Make sure that you leverage your consultation because as much as you can ask questions, you got to have that chemistry with that person. You know, my journey with my coach, was just amazing. He's a great business partner. He's a great friend and it's definitely someone that will be in my life, you know. And it's a relationship that we built and that's important. So good luck with your search for a coach, if you have any questions about hiring a great coach, you know, leave a comment or reach out and I'd be more than happy to entertain answering some ideas to you.

But you know, ultimately that's what it is and, and you know, not to sell myself, but this is what I strive to do for people like yourself looking to build a business online, either to start or to maintain or to grow their businesses. As a business coach myself, you know, I make sure that I teach you and show you and stretch you out really based on things that I've experienced. I cannot teach you things that I do not know, right? So there are things that I know that I can communicate with you. There's a chemistry that you and I may have that you may not find with somebody else is, which will be the reason why ultimately you would want to explore hiring me as your coach, right? So do your research. If you would love to have me as your coach and want to explore that, please do reach out.

I'd love to schedule a consultation call with you, let you know a little bit more about me, and I really want to hear about you and what you're looking to accomplish so that I can really, truthfully, with all honesty, let you know if I could be a good fit for you.

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